Roles and Users

Last updated: Nov 14, 2022
Greg Colati

System Roles:

System roles are attached to user accounts by CTDA staff. 
Roles inherit all permissions from previous roles, and add some of their own. 

Anonymous user

Does not have an account, can view only published content and use search tools. Public users are Anonymous

Authenticated User

Has an account in the system 

All of the following are types of Authenticated Users: 

  • Editor: An Editor can edit metadata but cannot delete or manage media associated with Repository Items
  • Content Manager: Content Managers may further administer all aspects of content including adding, editing, updating, and delete all Repository Items
  • Group Administrator: A Group Administrer may further administer settings for a Group including adding, editing, and deleting group members and setting their roles within the Group. 
  • Site Administrator: Site Administrators are CTDA staff with the authority to administer site settings and behavior
  • Administrator: The Administrator has system-wide permissions. 

Group Roles

Group roles are assigned by the Group Administrator to individuals who are members of their group. Users must exist as System Users before they can be assigned group roles. 


Administrators in a group manage settings for their group. Administrators in a Group must be Group Administrators at the System level


Curators may create, edit, delete, and otherwise manage repository items and media in their group. Curators in a group must exist as System Users before they can be assigned a group role.