Adding and Working with Media

Last Updated, March 17, 2023.

This page is for people who are adding media to a repository item or editing media already in the repository. 

There are a number of ways to get to the Adding Media form.

For example:  

  1. When you are adding a new repository item on the Metadata page, and choose “Save” you will come to the Add Media page that is specific to the Resource Type you identified in the metadata form.
  2. You are on a repository item page and choose “Media” from the top menu
  3. You choose a specific media item from the “Media Files List” from your Group Header  

This example expects that you are adding a NEW media item, and uses “image” as the Resource Type, but other Resource Types are essentially the same. 

The Name field is copied from the Metadata form. 

This is where you upload your media file–one file per media item. 

Media Use
Defines the type of file. “Original File” will preserve the uploaded file and cause the system to create derivatives for display. See the Glossary for a complete list and explanation of Media Use

Media Of 
Is copied from the Metadata form

Once you have uploaded the image file one or two new fields will appear depending on the Media Type:

Alternative Text 
Text for screen readers. Create some descriptive information that identifies what is in the media. The default is to copy the description from the metadata form. This is seldom appropriate so you should use other text.

Validate Upload 
Shows you the MD5 Hash (Checksum) value for the media item.

As in the metadata form, you may choose to not display this media object to the public. This is a separate decision from displaying the metadata. The default is “Published”.