CTDA Storage Growth Projections

Last Updated, May 24, 2023.


Annually the Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA) reviews the storage needs for the entire CTDA membership based on the existing content that has been ingested along with the content which is likely to be ingested over the coming year(s) to develop projections for the storage requirements for our infrastructure. Included below are the 5 year growth projections for the entire CTDA storage needs with these projections being reviewed and updated annually (or more frequently if information changes significantly).


Fiscal Year Projected Existing Storage Projected Additional Storage Needed Total Storage
(Existing + Projected)
FY 2024 103 TB 30 TB 133 TB
FY 2025 133 TB 35 TB 168 TB
FY 2026 168 TB 40 TB 208 TB
FY 2027 208 TB 50 TB 258 TB
FY 2028 258 TB 60 TB 318 TB


CTDA Current Storage Utilization

The following interactive report provides an estimation of storage utilization across the CTDA by namespace as well as the total number of objects by namespace. Data for namespaces 30002, 20002, 470002, 450002, 530002, 430002, 20004, 40002, 550002, and 20009 are estimated due to the large number of objects.