Adding Items to the Repository One Item at a Time

Last Updated, May 11, 2023.

This page is for people who want to create and edit single repository items. if you want to add, and create objects and metadata in batches, see Adding Items In Bulk Using a Spreadsheet

Things to know before you start.

  • What you have
  • The name of the collection it belongs to
  • Your Member Name (the name of your Group, not your top level collection)

After you Log in to the system, you will see the "Group" iconGroup icon and the "Content" icon Content iconon the left menu area.

  • Click on the Group icon to
    • This brings you to the Group overview page, listing all the groups you are in (most people will be in only one Group).
    • Click on the "Content Info" link on the menu just below the title of your Group page to see the repository items in your group.

From here you can either edit existing content for which you have permission, or create new content. 

If you would like to create new content one at a time click on the add_content_button_image +Add content button.

Filling Out the Metadata Form

The metadata form gathers similar fields into groupings that you can choose and work with individually. The first grouping is "Required" fields. Here you will see the fields you MUST fill in in order for the system to accept your content. 

Required Fields:

  • Title 
    • For right now you have to put it in twice, we are working on that
    • The FIRST Title field is what will display on the Item page, it should include the entire title in reading order, including non-sort words like “The” 
    • The SECOND Title field is the indexed title field. You should break the title and the non-sort words into separate fields. 
  • Held By
    • Start typing your member name and the suggestion list will pop up, choose your member name
  • Content Type 
    • The Content Type is an Islandora type definition that determines how the system manages the Repository Item (See the Glossary for more information)
  • Collection
    • The name of the Collection to which this Item belongs. Every item MUST  belong to at least one collection, even if it is a collection itself. Start typing the name of the collection in the box and select the autofill suggestion that matches. If no autofill suggestion matches, check your spelling and be sure that the collection exists.
  • Rights Statement
    • Choose the appropriate statement from the drop down list. Note: Collections items MUST have a Rights Statement, For collections that have content with multiple rights statuses use "Rights Determined at Item Level"

All other fields are grouped by type and you are welcome to fill in as many or as few as you like. 

For more information about Metadata in the CTDA See the: CTDA Metadata Application Profile (coming soon)

If you are creating a Collection Repository Item, you will be asked to choose a “representative Image” which is a thumbnail that is used for search results and other displays. You may select ONE “entity” which can be either an existing repository media file, or one you upload just for this collection. A representative image is NOT required, and may be added at any time.



If you are creating any container-based Repository Item (Collection, Compound Object, Digital Document, Newspaper, Paged Content) click the “save” button and you are finished making this item. The new item will be displayed along with a success message. 

If you are adding a media-based Repository Item (Audio, Binary, Image, Page, Video) when you hit “save” you will be taken to the “Add Media” screen where you will define and add the media related to this item. See the document  “Adding and Working with Media”. 

NOTE: The default for creating a new item is to give it a status of “Published” and have it open to the public. If you want to hide this item from the public but still have it available to  you to edit de-select the Published toggle at the top of the page. You can change this status as often as you like.